Xplore More Coaching

There is more in you !

  • Do you want to live like  YOU want and need?
  • Do you want to protect your boundaries better?
  • Do you want to get rid of your self-limiting believes?
  • Do you want to grow into the nicer version of yourself
  • Do you want to live a more meaningful life?

If you work with laserfocus on your needs you will experience noticeable effect (on more elements of your life) and you will get closer to your powerful, real self.

For who?

I mainly work with women who have (temporarily) lost their balance. Because they set the bar high for themselves and for years – on a business and private level – show a lot of care and attention to others but too little for themselves.  

I teach them to work more with their intuition and wisdom. So that they can more easily decide on what better suits their wishes and well-being. By the insight that arises in their way of life and the choices they (do not) make. In what they really care about and what they want to prioritise.   

Recognize this?

You fall on your couch after yet another work day and feel empty. You take a sip of wine and ask yourself:  “How come? I am doing pretty well. So why am I having this strong feeling that I’m missing something? That this isn’t enough anymore? Pfff…. I’m getting so tired of myself!”
You think:  “Okay, yes, I take a lot into account with others. But I like being that go-to person and find it’s important to be meaningful.”

You know very well that you are too busy with everything and hardly pay any attention to what YOU really want. You tormented ask yourself in silence what to do with this, how you want to proceed. With your work, with yourself. and who you really are now.

You let those questions sink in for a moment and then it becomes cristal clear: You have more to offer than to please everyone. And why do you always set your own bar so high?!
You know it: you’re so ready for an update for yourself!

Xplore More Coaching


Why coaching?      Because it’s time for YOU!

(do you maybe recognize this)?


Aiiii! …. You so promised yourself you’d say NO if something didn’t suit you. And yet you fall for it over and over again, doing stuff for others. You panic inside thinking “my plate is already so full!”  But that internal voice says: “be collegial, don’t be so silly, blah blah”.  
And …. You say YES again. You hate this slack stuff while keeping your emotions hidden and smiling vague as always. 

You organize, support, jump in to help easily, because your family, friends, family and/or colleagues are ‘so busy with everything in their lives’. 
And so you let their needs come before yours. And in the meantime, your over-active pleaser is at full speed and your battery is running low.
And there you are, fed up with how it goes, with eyes looking dull and a pale, tired face.


(and maybe you recognize this)

Al that caring, helping and working?

You are well aware that you are really doing wrong for yourself. Especially your painful observations make you grumpy and sad: because you apparently still act according to ‘perceived expectations’: Why? You know this! Your helper reflex is a mayor energy leak. And prevents you from pursuing that what will make you happy, what you want for yourself.
You feel upset that you lack energy to really reflect on yourself and your deeper longing. And that makes you sad and discouraged!

If you don’t change this situation?

If you keep this up, your body will feel even more stiff and tired and your head will function like a lottery-balls machine. You become even more frustrated, sad and disappointed in everything. Up till the point where you think: I am really done with this, I don’t want this anymore!

You know how to assess the damage if you keep ignoring your own needs, keep pleasing everyone, keep stretching yourself like this. Then your tail will really hang low, you will hardly take any action and you can’t be bothered with anything anymore. You will avoide meetings with friends and family because you lack mental resilience. You drag yourself to work and every night you plop into bed feeling unfulfilled and frustrated. Like being trapped in a hamster wheel with no exit. And a decision to really put your own longing first will seem even more difficult.


How it would be for you:

  • if you live on the basis of your wishes, insights, experiences and choices?
  • if you use your valuable skills and life experience in your life? At your pace, your moment?
  • if you gave this new impulse to your life?
  • if you ignore more your internal limiting voice and thus make room for your inner wisdom?
This has an effect on your future, potential, family, relationships, health, mind, finances, etc.



After coaching:

  • you got to know yourself better
  • you live more in sync with your values and wishes
  • you know better how to tame your internal limiting voices
  • you have a clear view on what you really longing for


So you:

  • Find again your balance, your happiness and your sense of wellbeing and be energetic in life.
  • Be mentally resilient and can do what’s important to you now.
  • feel strong and comfortable and this is quite noticeable in your social interaction
  • know and consciously protect your personal boundaries better

My method:

• I have my ‘Amsterdam’ open- and directness.
• I don’t like ongoing playing ‘the victim role’ or keep on complaining, by anyone.  Because there is always SOMETHING you can dó!
• I’m level-headed and also spiritual
• I am quite informal and like to simplify things
• I’m a warm, friendly person with sometimes a  ‘necessary bite’ (so do I confront you when it seems of worth).

I am a Co-Active-trained coach and this method is based on: positivity, ambition, talent, learning and action, with an aim for solutions.


Life becomes more pleasant, more fun and more meaningful when you receive and pass on beautiful ‘things’. So that the receiver can pass it on also. By successfully helping or giving to someone , you indirectly influence their environment.  
I coach 1 on 1, at my home or via video calling (works amazingly well!) or while walking (in the Almere nature).


Client reviews

The Co-Active coaching method is developed by the American CTI / Co-Active Training Institute, founded in 1992. It is the world’s largest coach training Institute.

  • Co-Active is a powerful, international approved method.
  • CTI was the first organization accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).


I help you stretch your way of thinking about yourself, connect dots and challenge you. We dive into your values, in your longing and focus the coaching on achieving your personal goals. You are responsible for your own growth and transformation and must be willing to open up and look insight yourself.

The coaching generally takes place as follows, in 5 to 8 sessions:

  • we discuss what makes it the way it is now (your beliefs, what matters to you, what makes you cry and laugh, etc). This often takes 1 to 2 sessions.
  • Then we work on beliefs that get in your way. Coaching offers great tools for this. This often requires 1 to 2 sessions.
  • After a few sessions, when ‘the fog has lifted slightly’ we will zoom in on what you really longing for.
  • When that’s clear, we’ll explore what’s needed to integrate your new beliefs and insights into your new reality.
  • In the last session(s) we discuss how the coaching has worked for you and how you will maintain this new behavior.

Do realize that sometimes halfway through a feeling of ‘wanting to drop out’ can arise. A feeling that you’re not getting any further.  That’s because we first have to look (back) on ‘you and your foundation’ before we can move forward to build on.

See image below (sorry, it’s in Dutch)

About me

Luciënne de Vroede, mother of 2 adults and 38 years with Leo.
I have a fulltime job in which I have a lot of interaction with entrepreneurs. 

People find me:  a true connector; decisive; creative; results- and initiative oriented;  personal; convincing; warmly; 
resourceful; trustworthy;
caring; loving; honest/candid; devoted; passionate; open; enthusiastic; curious; sympathetic.

click here for My story: from grey mouse to great elephant

How did I become a powerful female elephant (my power animal)?



  • € 50,= per session (know that 1 session is never sufficient).
  • Duration sessions 1  hour and can very well be done online or by phone
  • Travel expenses (when outside Almere)       : € 0,50 per km

Tax deduction is possible

For companies, self-employed entrepeneurs and individuals coaching costs are (partly) deductable as ‘education costs’ . 
As long as the coaching is ment to finding a new job, contributes to your professionality at work or running your business. 

Always check for yourself  on the website of the Tax Authority to be sure !


Coachruimte Xplore More Coaching Almere
Coachruimte Xplore More Coaching Almere
Coachruimte Xplore More Coaching Almere

Coaching can be done (amazingly!) well by telephone or videocalling so distance is no problem and saves travelling. 

All you need is a laptop, Ipad or smartphone, a steady wifi connection and a quiet, private, undisturbed space.

In Almere I coach at my home in a quiet room with privacy (Parkwijk-Zuid) 


For contact please fill in this form. Or call, text of whatsapp me on 0031 622216658. I will respond as soon as possible


Xplore More Coaching

Almere, The Netherlands


0031 6 222 166 58

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