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There is more in you !

  • Do you long for new insights from which new possibilities arise?
  • Do you long for some peace and balance and want to change what’s not going well?
  • Do you long for a nicer version of yourself, of your life (again)?
  • Do you want more meaning in your life?

If you work with focus on your deeper needs you will experience noticeable effect (on more elements of your life) and you will act from your inner strength.

For who?

For you, if you want some changes in your life to feel more happy (again) or (temporarily) lost your balance. Because you maybe set the bar to high for yourself or for years (business and private) you show a lot of care and attention to others and too little for yourself. 
I help you to unravel what’s is holding you back and to tackle what’s bothering you.
I help to explore your intuition and inner wisdom and to act from there. So that you can decide better on what suits your own current wishes and well-being best. Coaching offers insight in the effect of your way of living and the choices you (do not) make. And in what actually really matters to you and you would like to prioritize.

Maybe your recognize yourself in this example?

After every (work) day, you crash tired on the couch and feel empty. You wonder, “How come? I am doing pretty well so why do I increasingly feel this no longer suffice for me?”
While you know very well that for example you care a lot about what others might think, that you are always ready to help and you like being this go-to person. But you increasingly lack energy and you hardly pay any attention to your OWN needs.  And maybe you quietly wonder how you can, want to proceed. With work, with your situation, with yourself and you’ve lost sight of who you really are. And you are heavily longing for an update for yourself!

also online coaching

 Why coaching? Because it’s time for YOU !  

  • Does your active pleaser (or another inner saboteur) perhaps run at full speed and is your energy really decreasing?
  • Do you sit on the couch with dull eyes and a tired pale face too often, frustrated about how things are going,?
  • Do you live your life according to “supposed” expectations of others, against better judgement? Does that feast on your energy?
  • Is something blocking you from doing what makes YOU happy, that makes your heart smile? Does this make you sad and despondent?
  • Do you EVER take the time to really reflect on yourself and your deeper needs

What If you don’t change this situation?

Your body will feel increasingly tired and your head will feel like a lotto-balls machine.

You get more and more frustrated, more sad and disappointed in everything.
Up till the point you feel: I really don’t want this anymore!

Then it’s time for you to decide to really put your own longings first.


How it would be for you:

  • if you live by your wishes, insights, experiences and choices? At your pace and your time?
  • if you (re-) discover your value and start using it for yourself? 
  • If you give this new impulse to your life?
  • If you can control your internal limiting voice and let your inner wisdom speak?

    This will effect your future, potential, family, relationships, health, mind, finances, etc.

Results after coaching :

  • if you live by your wishes, insights, experiences and choices? At your pace and your time?
  • if you (re-) discover your value and start using it for yourself? 
  • If you give this new impulse to your life?
  • If you can control your internal limiting voice and let your inner wisdom speak?

So you:

  • Find again your balance, your happiness and your sense of wellbeing and be energetic in life.
  • Be mentally more resilient and can do what’s important to you now.
  • feel strong and comfortable and this is quite noticeable in your social and professional interactions
  • know and consciously protect your personal boundaries better

Mij method:

I’m open and direct so you know who you are dealing with. In addition to being level headed I am also a bit spiritual, so I can understand you from different angles. As your coach, I’m informal and you help simplify things. I go through life positively, lovingly and realistically and wish the same for you. I am friendly, accessible and think it is important that you feel comfortable and safe with me so you can open up.

I am a Co-Active-trained coach and this method is based on: positivity, ambition, talent, learning and action, with an aim for solutions.  In addition, I followed many different master classes and completed the online NLP course with the Sluis Institute.


My life is valuable if I can pass on happy ‘experiences’. If I help one person, I indirectly also influence his/her immediate environment.   
I coach 1 on 1, at my home or via video calling (works amazingly well!) or while walking (in the Almere nature).


Client reviews:

The Co-Active coaching method is developed by the American CTI / Co-Active Training Institute, founded in 1992. It is the world’s largest coach training Institute.

  • Co-Active is a powerful, international approved method.
  • CTI was the first organization accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

I did the online NLP Practitioner training at Sluis NLP Institute.

NLP asks you the right questions for your life, breaks down personal barriers, tackles self-sabotage, etc. Teaches you to work with your subconscious. And to help yourself and others.

It’s not about what you know but if and how you apply it in your daily life.


I help you to unravel your helping and limiting thoughts. And in stretching your way of thinking about yourself. I connect dots and challenge you. We dive into your values, in your deeper longing and focus the coaching on achieving your personal goals. You are responsible for your own growth and transformation and must be willing to open up and look insight yourself.

The coaching generally takes place as follows, in 3 to 8 sessions (depending on several factors):

  • we discuss what makes it the way it is now (your beliefs, what matters to you, what makes you cry and laugh, etc).
    This often takes 1 to 2 sessions.
  • Then we work on beliefs that get in your way. Coaching offers great tools for this. This often requires 1 to 2 sessions.
  • After a few sessions, when ’the fog has lifted slightly’ we will zoom in on what you really longing for.
  • When that’s clear, we’ll explore what’s needed to integrate your new beliefs and insights into your new reality.
  • In the last session(s) we discuss how the coaching has worked for you and how you will maintain this new behavior.

About me

Luciënne de Vroede, mother of 2 adults and married to Leo and grandmother of two. 

I have a fulltime job in which networking and connecting are key and in which I have a lot of interaction with entrepreneurs

People find me:  a true connector; decisive; creative; results- and initiative oriented;  personal; convincing; warmly; 
resourceful; trustworthy;
caring; loving; honest/candid; devoted; passionate; open; enthusiastic; curious; sympathetic.



  • € 50,= per session ex VAT.
  • Duration sessions 1  hour and can very well be done online or by phone
  • Travel expenses (when outside Almere)       : € 0,50 per km

Tax deduction is possible

For companies, self-employed entrepeneurs and individuals coaching costs are (partly) deductable as ‘education costs’ . 
As long as the coaching is ment to finding a new job, contributes to your professionality at work or running your business. 

Always check for yourself  on the website of the Tax Authority to be sure !


Coaching can be done (amazingly!) well online or by telephone so distance is no problem and saves travelling. 

All you need is a laptop, Ipad or smartphone, a steady wifi connection and a quiet, private, undisturbed space.

In Almere I coach at my home in a quiet room with privacy (Parkwijk-Zuid) 


For contact please fill in this form. I will respond as soon as possible


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